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Creating a spending plan will help you get a better idea of how much money you spend and how much you may have left to repay a loan in the future. You can use this budget plan to develop a spending plan while you're attending school. Remember to be realistic about your expenses, spend any balance left from loans responsibly on educational expenses only, and update your spending plan periodically.

What if you have expenses in addition to your education?

if you are a student with existing obligations (children, mortgage, etc.), take a look at our monthly spending plan. This spending plan accommodates many different expenses you may not have needed to consider for your budget plan. Creating a monthly spending plan that will also prepare you to approach loan repayment comfortably.

What if I don't have enough money to meet my needs?

  • Do you have time to work, or work a few more hours in your current job?
  • Use your campus meal plan before going out with friends.
  • If you live off campus, consider cooking at home instead of dining out.
  • Be a thrifty shopper by collecting coupons or buying store brands.
  • Enjoy free or low cost events on campus or in your community.
  • Try carpooling to work or school.
  • If you live on campus, consider a shared room instead of a private one, a less expensive dorm, or a change in your meal plan option.
  • Be aware of the little things you spend your money on like trips to the vending machine, daily lattes, nails, hair, and movies.   These expenses can add up a lot faster than you think!

Get all the information you need to manage repayment of your federal student loans!

·         Remember, federal student loans are real loans and must be repaid.

·         Understanding your loan agreement, staying on top of your loan information, and making sure to contact your loan servicer if you are having trouble making payments can help you avoid default.
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